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access & policies

Who has access?

  Any undergraduate student enrolled in:
    • A class focusing on video production or editing
    • An independent studies course that requires a video project
    • A class that allows video projects to be turned in as extra credit or instead of a paper or exam

What does access include?

    • Unlimited walk-in hours and access to equipment during open lab times
    • 250 GB of storage space on an external hard drive
    • Digital video camera borrowing privileges (up to fours days per quarter)
    • Complete Final Cut Pro software training and support

How do I get access?

Just come in anytime during normal lab hours and fill out the form on our access computer, and we'll send a confirmation email to your professor. Once your professor confirms, you have access!


Digital Editing Lab Policies

    • Food and drink of any form are not allowed in the lab. Bringing either into the lab will result in the loss of all lab privileges.
    • Do not disconnect any wires or cords in an attempt to troubleshoot. If there is a problem and the lab attendant is not available, either move to a different station or come back when the lab attendant is available.
    • Do not change desktop preferences or monitor settings.
    • Do not download any programs under any circumstances.
    • Do not move equipment from one station to another.
    • Do not post flyers or leave flyers at the stations. Anything you want posted should be left in the supervisor's office for posting.
    • Do not litter the lab. Take any trash at your station with you.
    • Dubbing of materials unrelated to your project will not be tolerated.
    • No one who is not directly involved in producing your project may be in the lab at any time.
    • Please put all cell phones on vibrate mode or off and hold conversations outside of the lab.
    • If you must leave to get a drink or make a call, tell the lab attendant when you will be returning and leave a note on your station. If a station is left unattended for more than 10 minutes and the lab attendant has not been notified, your project will be closed and your material will be placed in the supervisor's office.
    • Please label all tapes that you use and turn in any found tapes to lab attendant or supervisor.
    • Never remove hard drives from lab under any circumstances. If using your own drive be sure to label it clearly.
    • Do not disconnect or rewire the dub station under any circumstances. Dubbing is for editing lab students only and may not be used to dub copyrighted material.
    • Do not erase anything from the desktop or external drives. Ask an attendant if you are concerned about unknown projects on your hard drive.
    • Each hard drive is partitioned and shared with three other students. You are responsible for exchanging phone numbers and coordinating with the students who share your drive to avoid time conflicts. If you are paired with someone who conflicts with your needed times, you may speak to the supervisor about assigning you another drive.
    • Do not open lab door if the "Class in session" sign is posted. If a class comes in for a reserved session when you are working, you must leave before the class starts and not return until it is finished.
    • Do not remove headphones from stations. If you need additional headphones, ask a lab attendant.
    • The use of copyrighted material that is outside of the fair use guidelines without the expressed written permission of the copyright holder is strictly forbidden.
    • Please be courteous and respectful to the lab attendants and lab users. Report any problems immediately to the supervisor in a written note or email.
    • The lab is not responsible for any lost items you bring into the lab including tapes, hard drives, projects, or personal items.

Digital Editing Lab use is restricted to legitimate class projects approved by UCSB faculty. Presentation of media produced in the lab is restricted to classroom and private viewing only. Public presentations are forbidden without the specific permission of the Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Programs.

Digital Editing Lab use is a privilege, not a right. Abuse of lab policies will result in temporary or permanent suspension of lab privileges.







DEL contacts

Raymond AuthierDigital Editing Lab & Reserved Media Viewing Room Supervisor1126 Kerr Hall
workPhone: 805-893-7420