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The following tutorials were created to address common problems, issues and training. If there is a subject not covered that you think would be useful please send an email to Raymond Authier with your suggestion. 

VADO_Transcode.pdf - this file shows you how to use the Final Cut Pro's Compressor Droplet to convert your footage to a format that Final Cut works well with. It is an automated way to transcode your VADO clips or many other format clips to Apple's Pro Res editing format. A little time up front to convert your footage will save you a lot of time editing as you will not need to continuously render after every edit. 

MiniDV2FCP.pdf - This file shows you how to capture footage from a Mini DV tape into Final Cut Pro. It explains how to set up a project for the first time, what you need to do every time you start Final Cut Pro and how to log clips for batch capture.


Available DownloadsSize
VADO_Transcode.pdf3.26 MB
MiniDV2FCP.pdf6.33 MB

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